March 14, 2001

Nasdaq woes, a year after record highs

Author: JT Smith looks at the winners and losers in the Nasdaq since it dropped from a high of over 5,000 March 10, 2000. "Meanwhile, let me introduce you to the 90% Club. It's the list of Nasdaq stocks that have fallen more
than 90% since the March peak. Sadly, it is not an elite fraternity. There are 4,231 companies in the
Nasdaq composite. Exactly 421 (10%) are down 90%. Wow! Names? You know 'em, you love 'em:
eToys (-99%), Teligent (-98%), Scient, DrKoop, Priceline, Webvan, and AskJeeves (all down 97%),
CMGI and Netzero (-96%). Then there's and NBCi (-95%), iVillage (-94%), Akamai
and VA Linux (-93%), Inktomi and Chinadotcom (-92%), RealNetworks (-91%), and Red Hat,
BroadVision, and Peapod (-90%). And, yes, hundreds more. Simply amazing. It's just unbelievable that
so many enterprises were created, hyped up, and then whacked like first-season characters on The
Sopranos." (VA Linux owns NewsForge.)


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