April 12, 2001

National Semiconductor, Samurai use Linux to provide Internet access to Brazilians

Author: JT Smith

From PR Newswire: Responding to a challenge
from the Brazilian Government, National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: NSM),
the world's leading provider of information appliance (IA) technology, and
Samurai, a leading IA design house, have developed a complete system solution
to make Internet access available and affordable for all Brazilians.
The system, the Samurai 2000 IA, is based upon National's industry-leading
Geode(TM) technology. The Samurai 2000 IA is a ready-to-build system that can
be turned into simple Internet access devices with built-in modems, or thin
clients for the school and enterprise environments, in a server-based
computing model via local area network (LAN). Using a Samurai FlashCard as a
personal storage and identification device and with no fans, disk drive,
floppy drive, CD-ROM drive or other moving components, the Samurai 2000 IA,
running the open-source Linux operating system, is a turnkey solution that
drives the device cost and power consumption down dramatically while
delivering high performance, reliability and enriched multimedia applications
for Web surfing.
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