Native Docker Comes to Windows and Mac


Docker has launched a beta of Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows, two software packages that represent significant software architecture changes made to optimize Docker for an OS-native experience.

While users could previously use Docker on Windows and Mac, the packages remove additional layers of dependencies and offer native, tightly integrated user experience. Docker can now be installed as a native Windows or native Mac app, launched and utilized from a system toolbar just like any other packaged application. The bottom line is that Mac and Windows users can enjoy faster Docker-driven iteration cycles because their code changes can be tested instantaneously on the laptop without the need to build the Docker application image first.

“Docker for Mac and Windows reflects deep OS system-level work from our Unikernel Systems team and demonstrates how, moving forward, we can leverage native platform capabilities to provide users with the same optimized Docker experience on all platforms,” said Solomon Hykes, Docker founder, chief technology officer and chief product officer. 

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