April 11, 2005

Native Linux Gaming coming to a PC near you.

sarumont writes "How many Linux geeks do you know that dual-boot to game? It's an unfortunately common thing for Linux geeks to be gamers as well. More unfortunate, however, is the seeming incompatibility of these two 'professions'. Sure you can play Neverwinter Nights, a handful of other ports, and un-ported games using WINE and Cedega, but where's the fun in that? Where are all the Open-Source games? When is the innovation that's been seen all over the Open-Source community going to make it's way to gaming? The answer is right now. Cube, an open-source FPS engine, is one of the most viable attempts to make native OSS gaming on Linux a reality. Jeremy at LinuxForums.org takes it for a spin, fragging his heart out to bring you this review, telling you everything you need to know about Cube."

Link: linuxforums.org


  • Linux
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