January 31, 2004

Nautical charts on demand

The system, which is in development, will use a Java-based architecture. It will run on a Linux server that will be located at an Internet service provider's facility so that it can have a direct connection to the Internet. SPS will manage the system remotely, which is one reason the company chose Linux."Since we can't [be there physically to] push a reboot button, we decided to use Linux because we felt it was more efficient for us to maintain remotely for this size project," Linza said.

SPS has not decided which ISP it will use or whether the company will supply its own server hardware or use the ISP's server hardware, Linza said. SPS is looking for numerous requirements, including reliability.

The e-commerce system will send print orders electronically to Vomela Co. in St. Paul, Minn., which will produce the charts with an electrostatic printer and then mail them to stores or directly to boaters.

Link: fcw.com


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