November 8, 2001

Nautilus 1.0.6 is available

Author: JT Smith

"A new release of the Nautilus graphical shell and file manager is available.
There have been a small number improvements since Nautilus 1.0.5 was
Source code is available at the usual place in (or will be
once the next update happens).

Here are the changes since 1.0.5:

    - Add feature where "can't write" emblems don't appear in directories
      that are also "can't write" (Alex)
    - Add scrollkeeper indexing capabilities (Louise Miller)
    - Fix bug where notifications didn't take effect (Darin)
    - Fix hysteresis so it doesn't affect changes after the icon view has
      loaded (Darin)
    - Add libiconv include paths so people who use platforms without iconv
      in the libc can build (Alex)
    - Localize desktop link names properly (Benedikt Roth)
    - A few updated translations

Nautilus 1.0.6 has the same requirements as Nautilus 1.0.5.

    -- Darin

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