November 15, 2007

Navicat MySQL GUI for Linux version 8.0.22 is released.

Author: JT Smith

By Premiumsoft. Navicat MySQL GUI Admin Tool is a powerful yet easy to use MySQL client provides extensive functionality for managing and developing MySQL. It features an intuitive interface and provides a set of useful tool to import/ export, backup/ restore data, Synchronize database and connect to remote MySQL server, etc.

Navicat MySQL GUI ver. 8 is the latest iteration of the database management tool that offers more than 100 improvements and some new powerful features. Major new features of ver. 8 at a glance: To check out details, please see a release notes at:
Major new features:

1.Code Completion - Speedup your sql writing.

2.Form View - Input record via form view.

3.Virtual Grouping - Provides better categorization for objects.

4.Event Scheduler - New MySQL feature as of MySQL 5.1.

Other major features:

Visual Query Builder

SSH/ HTTP Tunnel for remote database connection

Database transfer from server to server

Data and Structure Synchronization

Data backup and restore

Import/ Export of most popular data formats to and from MySQL

Report Builder

Tasks Scheduling and Easy-to-use wizards tool.

Further Enhancements:

Compatible with any MySQL server version up to 5.1.x.

Incremental Search, Hex Editor and more supports in Table View.

Usability enhancement in Table Design.

Many other improvements on features and user-friendliness.

To find out more details about the product, please visit at:



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