August 12, 2014

Navigate Using Your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Neo with DMA Navi Watch

Being in a strange city whilst holding your £600 flagship Smartphone in your hands, tempting all unsavoury characters is probably not the best of ideas, and now you don’t have to. XDA Member drashko has created the DMA Navi Watch, a Samsung Gear 2 / Neo app that behaves as a navigation-enabled watch face. It also displays the time, date, weather and also further customisation features.

DMA Navi Watch uses Google Navigation notifications from your device and displays them to your wrist. To setup the app you need to enable the notification listener on your Android Smartphone and your good to go, video instructions on how to do this are below. When your not navigating anywhere, the clock face works like a standard Gear 2 clock face. The App is available now to download from Samsung Galaxy Apps (depending on country and network availability).   

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