Navigating the Data Center Networking Landscape


System administrators today are tasked with creating a much smarter networking layer. One that is capable of keeping up with some of the most advanced business and IT demands. In a recent Worldwide Enterprise Networking Report, IDC pointed out that virtualization continues to have a sizable impact on the enterprise network. IDC expects that these factors will place unprecedented demands on the scalability, programmability, agility, analytics capabilities, and management capabilities of enterprise networks. They predict that in 2016, overall enterprise network revenue will grow 3.5 percent to reach $41.1 billion.

In one of my recent articles here on DCK, we defined the overall SDN landscape. We examined technologies like NSX, ACI, and even open SDN systems. Today, we take a step back and will look at four data center networking components impacting the modern business:

  • Traditional data center networking.
  • Software-defined networking.
  • White/brite box networking.
  • Cloud networking.

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