May 18, 2001

NE2000 Network event will happen again

Author: JT Smith

Mclight writes: "NE20000 is an Open Air Network Event. This means that the event will take place in the open air. Everyone is welcome to take his computer and to join us on our campsite. NE2000 is in the first place a big party, a party for everyone who enjoys spending his free time behind a computer."On the NE2000 campsite, everyone is invited to help building a big intertent network. This network will be connected to the internet so it will be possible to use the internet from your tent.

Next to the building of the network there will be lots of activities. These activities include a lot of presentations and workshops (ipv6, Linux, security, networking).

NE2000 is meant for social and nice people. Especialy people who enjoy meeting other people. NE2000 is NOT meant for people that come to lock themselves up in a tent of caravan to play Quake during the whole day, It's meant to explore new things together with other people.

The event will take place from 19 t/m 25 July in the netherlands, please visit for more information."

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