May 30, 2005

Nearly $1 million Awarded to WorldVistA for Vendor Training

I. Valdes writes "The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that WorldVistA has been named ' a vendor support organization to provide vendor training on the VistA-Office EHR....' Aside from injecting much-needed funds into the Free and Open Source VistA software effort what does it all mean? Linux Medical News interviewed WorldVistA director Joseph Dal Molin about the announcement. The complete interview is below. The facts at a glance are: 1) Approximately $900,000 awarded for training VistA vendors. 2) The training will be free. 3) Training dates should begin in late August or early September and will be complete by January 2006. 4) Two training tracks will be available, one for those with no VistA experience and one for those with some experience. 5) Training locations will be announced but will likely be held once each in the East, Central and Western United States."



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