October 22, 2001

Nemein has founded two business units

Author: JT Smith

Henri Bergius writes: "Nemein Solutions, the leading Nordic provider of
Open Source Midgard solutions for mobile collaboration and information
management has organized its operations into two business units.

The Content Management Services unit will continue Nemein's commitment
of providing cost-efficient content management solutions to the
enterprise. The unit has formed partnerships with several key
companies in network services, hardware, new media and advertisement
industries. In the last month, the unit has signed six new content
management projects, continuing its aggressive market entry strategy.

The business unit operates as the Nordic distributor of the Nadmin
Studio content management interface. Nadmin Studio is a turnkey
solution for distributed web communications powered by the Midgard
application server.

Nemein's former CEO Henri Hovi has been appointed as director of the
Content Management Services business unit. "There is a definite need
for a functional and scalable CMS solution in the market. The Nadmin
methodology and Nemein's project model have dropped the work effort in
a delivery project into a fragment of the traditional model", says
Mr. Hovi

The Solutions unit focuses on Nemein's own software development and
will operate as a competence center for the Midgard Open Source
application server. The current product line of the business unit
includes project management, document management and customer
management systems. During autumn 2001, the unit has started three
pilot implementations for its enterprise automation software in
Finland and France.

Nemein's CEO Petri Kuusela will lead the Solutions business unit.

"Business applications have already been invented many times over, and
they have become complicated and difficult to use. We haven't invented
any new functionalities, our customers have just wanted to deploy
solutions in a mobile web environment. Our operational model and the
Open Source technologies provide a solution that has a lot of demand
when compared to traditional Windows and client-server
applications. The competitive edge comes from swift implementations
and cost-efficiency." says Mr. Kuusela.

Contact information

Petri Kuusela
CEO, Nemein Solutions Oy
+358-20-198 6038

Henri Hovi
Director, Nemein Content Management Services
+358-20-198 6036



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