February 18, 2003

Nemein.Net 1.8.4 released

Finnish Midgard solution provider Nemein has released
the version 1.8.4 of the Nemein.Net Professional Services Automation
suite of applications.

The new release makes major functionality additions to the Project
tracking system. These additions include automatic generation of
reference lists based on project data, mileage and expense reporting
and new configurable reporting engine.

The Nemein.Net suite

Nemein.Net is a modern, browser-based Professional Services Automation
(PSA) solution providing superior functionality for all kinds of
professional organizations, including consultancies and IT

Nemein.Net components are:

  • Projects - project management, work hour and expense reporting
  • Sales - tool for sales and marketing
  • Documents - integrated document management
  • Support - support request management and help desk
  • Calendar - Group calendar and resource reservations
  • Discussion forum

Enhancements and bug fixes in Nemein.Net 1.8.4

  • Projects
    • Users can run reports for departments where they are marked as hour
      report approvers (#308)
    • Expense and mileage reporting (#764)
    • Generating reference lists from Project data (#813)
    • Sorting reports by date works now also with grouping disabled (#834)
    • Hour reports check for approval permissions now (#864)
    • Currency symbols are shown in reports (#919)
    • Planned hours are shown in Project Summary (#920)
    • Weekends are shaded and current day highlighted in My Summary (#937)
    • New reports can be built using Midgard styles (#963)
    • Hour approvers can now run reports (#965)
    • Project managers can run hour reports for their project staff (#966)
    • Task hours are now calculated correctly in My Summary (#969)
    • Reports open in separate window (#983)
    • Unapprove methods are added for mileages, hour reports and expenses
    • Projects and tasks can be reopened (#1004)
    • Pricing percentage labels' display logic can be changed (#1015)
    • Project editor window reappears if saving fails (#1044)
    • Project editor keeps screen scroll setting when saving (#1046)
    • Added possibility for checking project number uniqueness (#1048)
    • Reported hours' cache doubling fixed (#1051)
    • Top level department checks added to reports (#1052)
    • Project reference classes are configured as articles (#1077)
    • Reference labels are shown in correct language (#1078)
    • Current day is remembered correctly in My Summary (#1086)
    • Expense sum values are now checked correctly (#1096)
  • Sales
    • Sales report now utilizes person's toplevel department setting (#271)
    • Import tab is now visible also in Sales (#871)
    • Time limits work now in Sales Funnel (#952)
    • Campaigns tab is added to Contacts (#984)
    • Added possibility for checking customer ID uniqueness (#1031)
    • Person search results are returned in alphabetical order (#1057)
    • Sales project stages are shown in correct order in reports (#1073)
  • Calendar
    • Week view doesn't show titles of private events for non-members (#914)
    • Event editor doesn't show private events for non-members (#915)
    • Sales activities are shown in Calendar Day view (#940)
    • Save buttons are visible without scrolling (#945)
    • Selected date is remembered when switching between day and week views
    • Calendar filter shows correct setting (#950)
    • Week view now starts in right day when year changes mid-week (#978)
    • Calendar follows Nemein.Net theme settings (#993)
    • Filter articles are automatically approved (#997)
  • Discussion
    • Discussion view stays in correct shape in IE 6 (#1010)
  • Nemein.Net Core
    • Sales can now be initialized using Nemein.Net Manager (#769)
    • Nemein.Net can be customized with company's logo and colors (#951)
    • Mileage and expense configuration can be initialized in
      Nemein.Net Manager (#962)
    • Expense VAT configuration can be initialized in Nemein.Net
      Manager (#971)
    • News ticker for displaying system notices in login screen (#991)
    • Authentication works UNIX systems without/dev/urandom, including Solaris
    • Project number generator can be initialized in Nemein.Net Manager (#1019)
    • New reporting engine can be initialized in Nemein.Net Manager (#1026)
    • Custom login screen image doesn't get stretched (#1094)

Package updates

The latest version of Nemein.Net is available for download at

  • 2003-02-14: Enhancement release 1.8.4, downloads at 1679
  • 2002-11-13: Enhancement release 1.8.3, downloads at 561
  • 2002-10-16: Bug fix release 1.8.2, downloads at 258
  • 2002-09-16: Bug fix release 1.8.1, downloads at 92

System requirements


Linux server with Intel Pentium class 700 MHz (or faster) processor,
at least 256 MB of RAM
Midgard application server 1.4.4, PHP 4.1.2, Apache 1.3.x, MySQL
Red Hat Linux 7.3+ (recommended)


Mozilla 1.0+ (recommended) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+
The application utilizes IFRAME and JavaScript technologies that
require a working modern browser. Tested operating systems include
Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Linux.

Technical notes

MD5 sum for the nemeinnet-1.8.4.tar.bz2 package is

Nemein.Net is a pure Midgard application written in the PHP scripting
language. All Nemein.Net data is stored in a MySQL database and
accessed using the standard Midgard 1.4 API.

Nemein.Net supports hosting multiple companies on a single Midgard
server using the Midgard virtual database (sitegroup) system. All
sitegroups access the same application installation, but need to be
initialized and licensed separately in Nemein.Net Manager.

Authentication is handled using the Open Source NemeinAuthentication
library. Users and user accounts are managed in the standard Midgard
user database. LDAP and other authentication methods can be used
provided that they are supported by the Midgard application server.

The Nemein.Net application is distributed as a set of Midgard pages,
styles and snippets. All Nemein.Net installations ship with full
application source code.

To learn more about the Midgard application server, see

Installation notes

Nemein.Net 1.8.4 is distributed as a Repligard package. The package
needs to be installed to the root sitegroup (SG0) of a Midgard
server. On most systems, this should be accomplished by running

# tar jxvf nemeinnet-1.8.4.tar.bz2
# cd nemeinnet-1.8.4
# repligard -a -i nemeinnet.xml.gz

If the above command fails, please consult Repligard usage
documentation and check your Repligard configuration files
(http://www.midgard-project.org/manual/en/part.con cepts.repligard.php).

After Nemein.Net has been installed to your system it needs to be
initialized using the Nemein.Net Manager tool at

Nemein.Net 1.8.4 can be installed on top of your existing Nemein.Net
installation. To start the migration, first make a backup of your
Midgard database.

Midgard installation

Nemein.Net requires a working installation of Midgard 1.4.x. Midgard
is available as packages for several platforms:


Nemein.Net requires a valid license key. Licenses can be granted for
selected modules or limited number of users depending on how the
solution is priced.

30-day evaluation licenses can be generated at

To install the new license key, access the Nemein.Net manager at

Technical milestones


0.5 Separate PSA components (Jun - Nov 2001)
1.0 PSA Suite with common user interface (Dec 2001)
1.5 Internationalization, Finnish and English versions (Feb 2002)
1.8 Projects rewrite, system cleanup, import tool, Manager tool beta (Sep 2002)
1.8.4 Reporting engine based on Midgard Styles, Italian localization (Feb 2003)

1.9 New project pricing system, more report templates (~Apr 2003)

Contact information

Nemein Oy
Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, FIN-02150 Espoo
Tel +358-20-198 6030


Link: http://www.nemein.com/

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