November 16, 2000

NeoLinux defines, targets, "Appliance Computing"

Author: JT Smith

"You might call Neoware a company on a mission. One of
many companies struggling to carve out a profitable
niche for itself in the market of selling Linux-based
products, Neoware has tuned its efforts to what CEO
Mike Kantrowitz dubs 'Appliance Computing.'" That's a little of what it says in a ZDNet story about NeoWare. It's a PR-like blurb, but contains enough info about NeoWare's plans for the "post-PC" age to be worth reading. Warning: toward the end of the piece, CEO Kantrowitz is quoted as having said, "I think that a
balance is appropriate. For example, not everything that
we do is open source. We keep certain really unique and
proprietary technologies as non-open-source
technologies. But things that are based apon open
source we are obligated to provide back. And we also
contribute things that we don't have an obligation to
provide back, because we think that open source is an
important phenomenon..."


  • Linux
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