Neoxen® Modus Release 2.1.0 for

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Neoxen Systems, a European technology and consulting company developing process improvement solutions, has today announced availability of Release 2.1.0 of their Neoxen® Modus Product Development & Quality Assurance Methodology package. This new release brings native support for users as well.

Neoxen® Modus is a standards compliant methodology package streamlining the core processes of software companies. It covers the product development cycle in practice encompassing requirements management, design, implementation, testing, and change management. The practical approach in Neoxen® Modus details the repeatable, automated build procedures and related roles as well as the outlines of Technical Product Management and world-class Quality Assurance. Neoxen Modus provides a solid foundation, which drastically shortens product development cycle, significantly reduces the overall costs, and efficiently shortens the time-to-market span.

Neoxen® Modus is designed for distributed development groups, systems integrators and independent software vendors for mission critical software development. Neoxen Professional Services uses it as a foundation methodology in all the customer projects requiring an internationally proven ‘Modus Operandi’.

“Release 2.1.0 contains native support for both Microsoft Office and, thus fully supporting both Windows and Linux usersâ€, says Esa Tervo, Chief Executive Officer at Neoxen Systems. “This release fully integrates with these leading desktop productivity tools and takes the ease of use to the next level.â€

All the incremental updates and fixes since the previous release are packaged and certified into a unified release.

Neoxen® Modus Release 2.1.0 is available directly from the Neoxen Web Store.

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Neoxen Systems is an internationally operating European software and consultancy company producing new generation of software development products, and solutions for ICT process improvement. The Neoxen® product family covers areas from business and technology development to state-of-the-art software production tools. Our unique offerings enable our users to innovate and create software solutions and business applications with extreme ease and efficiency. Solutions based on our award winning Neoxen® Technology are used to design, implement, build and distribute applications for in-house and commercial use. In addition we provide Professional Services for our corporate customers, including consultancy, implementation, integration, customization and training.”