November 7, 2006

NepaLinux 1.1 Screenshot Walkthrough

Anonymous Reader writes "he new release, NepaLinux 1.1, is a relatively bug-free and revised version of the previous beta release. Special features: Linux kernel 2.6.17; localized GNOME desktop environment 2.14, 2.0.2, GnuCash accounting software 2.0.1 SeaMonkey suite; Pango-enabled Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird with complex text rendering support; updated input system (XKB, SCIM); upgraded spellchecker and thesaurus for Nepali; additional translations of applications (AbiWord, Bluefish, gvim, GnomeBaker, Grip, Gnumeric, etc); better hardware detection and compatibility; enhanced and consistent translation."



  • Linux
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