September 11, 2001

Net casinos seem to be easy pickin's for crack-boys

Author: JT Smith

MSNBC: "In some of those instances, the intruders have gone back to the victims,
demanding extravagant sums in exchange for guarantees the attack will not
recur, experts say.

"No one is going to say it's
happened, because that's bad
for business. But there is
anecdotal evidence," said
Steve Donoughue, managing
director of The Gambling
Consultancy in London.
Neil Barrett, technical
director for London-based
Information Risk Management,
concurred, saying that over the
past year his e-security
consulting firm has been
contracted to shore up a half-dozen casino operators that had fallen victim to
such hack attacks. "It's become one of the most common fraud scams,"
Barrett said."


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