April 3, 2002

The Net Squad partners with MySQL AB to offer enterprise support forJava and the MySQL database

The Net Squad Inc., a Technology
Capitalist(tm), announces a partnership with MySQL AB to provide
enterprise support for the MySQL database and MM.MySQL, the Java JDBC
driver that allows Java solutions to be connected to the MySQL database.

The Net Squad recognizes the value of the open source community and has
used open source technologies in providing cost effective, high
performance solutions to clients. In an effort to further adoption of
MySQL and the MM.MySQL driver for enterprise applications, The Net Squad
is committed to providing enterprise support for these technologies.

Over 3 million users worldwide use the open source MySQL database
including Yahoo!, MP3.com, Motorola and NASA. The MM.MySQL driver is
the most widely used Java JDBC driver for the MySQL database with 1,000
new downloads a day. MySQL and MM.MySQL were leaders in a recent eWEEK
database server performance benchmark test.

"The Net Squad is the only firm in the world offering enterprise support
for the MM.MySQL driver for the MySQL database," said Alex Bratton, CEO
of The Net Squad. "That puts us in the unique position of being the
most knowledgable team around when working with Java and MySQL
technologies. Mark Matthews, the original author of the MM.MySQL
driver, is a member of The Net Squad's extremely talented technology
team and participates in the support effort. Our customers rely on The
Net Squad to provide critical support for their development efforts.
Mark and other members of The Net Squad team also consult directly on
client projects."

"The Net Squad provided fast, excellent, reasonably priced service for a
mission critical portion of our online application," said Cameron
Elliott of Global DNS.

The Net Squad has extensive experience connecting Java enterprise
platforms such as WebSphere, JRun, WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat to MySQL
and other relational databases.

"We are pleased to have The Net Squad as a MySQL AB partner. Their
expertise working with Java and the MySQL database makes them a valuable
resource in supporting MySQL users. We believe that The Net Squad's
corporate support for MySQL and the MM.MySQL JDBC driver will help
further adoption of MySQL in enterprise applications," said MySQL AB
founder Michael 'Monty' Widenius. "The MM.MySQL driver is the most used
JDBC driver for MySQL. It's stable, well supported and has a large user
base. The MM.MySQL driver has played an important part in making MySQL
very popular in the Java community."

Additional information about The Net Squad's MM.MySQL support offering
is available at http://www.thenetsquad.com/services/jdbcsupport.html.

About The Net Squad
The Net Squad, based in Oak Brook Illinois, is a Technology
Capitalist(tm) leveraging the value of existing systems and
infrastructure to produce business efficiencies, reduce costs, and open
new revenue streams. The Net Squad specializes in applying technology,
imagination and know-how to real-world business issues for businesses
who need technology guidance and manpower, startups requiring technology
leadership and investors requiring technical counsel. Additional
information about The Net Squad is available at www.thenetsquad.com.

About MySQL AB
MySQL AB develops, markets and supports the MySQL database server, the
world's most popular open source database. The MySQL database, which is
free and available to everyone, has over three million users, including
major corporations such as Yahoo!, MP3.com (Vivendi Universal),
Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics, HP, Xerox, Cisco and Texas
Instruments. It is available under the open-source GNU General Public
License (GPL) or a non-GPL commercial license. MySQL is headquartered in
Uppsala, Sweden, but is a true virtual company, with employees
throughout the world. More information about MySQL is available at

CONTACT: Alex Bratton -- CEO, The Net Squad, 630-929-6601,


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