August 16, 2005

NetBeans Profiler Milestone 8 Released

Robert Demmer writes "The NetBeans Profiler team is proud to announce the availability of the Profiler Milestone 8 release for NetBeans 4.1.

The NetBeans Profiler is an add-on to NetBeans IDE adding a full-featured CPU, memory and threads profiling capabilities, tightly integrated into the IDE work flow.

Visit to download or get more information.

Key features:

  • Support for JDK 1.4.2, JDK 5.0 (starting from Update 4) and JDK 6.0
  • Tight integration into the IDE work flow
  • Low overhead profiling utilizing the JFluid technology
  • Task-based approach to simplify profiling
  • CPU Performance profiling
  • Memory profiling & memory leak detection
  • Threads profiling
  • Attaching to running (deployed) application
  • Ability to save snapshots and process them offline

What's new in the Milestone 8 release:

  • Improved profiling for J2EE applications and Applets
  • Better support for Sun Java Application Server
  • Ability to take results snapshot before the profiled application exits
  • Improved navigation in profiling results, searching in Call trees
  • Profiling JUnit tests
  • (As always) Large number of bugfixes

Complete list of new features, enhancements and bugfixes can be found at: .html.

NetBeans Profiler Team"

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