December 30, 2004

Netcraft Reveals Anti-Phish Toolbar Cooperative

Chuck Talk writes "Netcraft, perhaps the most respected network monitoring, security and surveying web services company, have released a cooperative anti-phishing toolbar that I highly recommend for users of Internet Explorer. The company plans to release a Mozilla/Firefox version as well, sometime in the near future. The Netcraft entry into the anti-phisihing toolbar market comes after many months of the CoreStreet Spoofstick being the only available browsing anti-phishing weapon available within the market. Netcraft have however, given that market a significant boost and done us all a favor by releasing the best tool available yet for the marketplace. Their considerable database gives them the ability to add unique features unavailable to anyone without the resources that they can draw upon. One other unique nature is that the Netcraft toolber will utilize the power of the network to root out phishing sites and report them to other users, thereby reducing the phishers' capacity to find victims."



  • Security
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