October 1, 2001

Netcraft Web server survey for September

Author: JT Smith

"Netcraft has released its Web server survey for September 2001, calling it a "very mixed month for Microsoft." While survey results indicate a steady rate of adoption for Microsoft's IIS, the unwelcome appearance of Code Red also resulted in at least 150,000 IIS sites on 80,000 IP addresses vanishing from the Internet. From the survey: "However, the implications for Microsoft are better than one might initially expect. Of the 80,000 ip addresses no longer running Microsoft-IIS, only around 2,000 are
now running a competing web server. Notwithstanding the fact that when a web server is replaced, the replacement will not necessarily be on the same ip address,
it does seem that in most cases sites have been taken down, or port filtered as part of a general tightening of security in the wake of Code Red, rather than the
Windows disks being formatted and replaced with Linux/Apache."
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