June 18, 2003

NeTraverse Featured on Addison Server Roadshow

NeTraverse writes "The Addison roadshow van houses a fully functional "mini" IT suite of 5 workstations, a server, printers and more, with information and literature on Linux servers, Linux in general, 2simple software, Netraverse's Win4Lin Terminal Server and much more.

Ideal opportunity for teachers and pupils to evaluate Linux and the server system. This isn't just a Linux operating system, this server can provide a Windows desktop enviroment to every workstation, (not an emulator) saving £1000's compared to Microsoft and Citrix setups.

The Roadshow can show you a better way, a way where we can still teach our children ICT as we are doing now, but without the financial noose that hangs over our heads.

**This service is offered without obligation, and is kindly given by our sponsors, to show schools and educational departments around the UK, that there is an alternative to the ever increasing cycle of hardware and software upgrading.**

More information is available at the Addison web site at: www.addison4schools.net.

Addison UK, is an East London computer solutions provider. The company was formed in 1999 by ex london Borough of Redbridge (IT Unit)
employee Paul Jenkins.

NeTraverse Inc., is the market leader in bridging Windows® to Linux® with over 800,000 users worldwide. Providing thin-client software solutions on the Linux and UNIX platform, NeTraverse offers innovative products and services to facilitate the seamless migration from Windows to Linux and lower the cost of enterprise IT infrastructure. NeTraverse products include Win4Lin Workstation, Win4Lin Terminal Server and Merge. Headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.netraverse.com."

Link: netraverse.com

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