December 12, 2001

NeTraverse partners with Getronics and Delta Secure

Author: JT Smith

Getronics Government Solutions, secure desktop and network solutions and services, NeTraverse Inc., the leading provider of thin-client software solutions on Linux and Intel-based Unix systems, and Delta Security Technologies Corporation, have joined forces to develop and deliver a secure Multi-Domain Workstation solution to meet identified demand in the U.S. Government.With this ground-breaking secure workstation solution, the U.S. Government will finally be able to deploy a more cost-effective, convenient and efficient solution that will enable it not only to leverage existing technology investments, but also to dramatically reduce new infrastructure costs and ensure an unparalleled level of security, currently absent from traditional IT solutions.

Providing multi-level secure access using open network infrastructures, the workstation solution will let users access both classified and unclassified data from a single workstation. Traditionally, organizations whose users require access to a sensitive or classified environment, but whose only network connectivity is on an open/unclassified network, have been forced to install a separate classified network with separate workstations or have users travel to a classified facility. With the Secure Multi-Domain Workstation, an authorized user will be able to change to a sensitive or classified state, by simply activating a "state change" mechanism that once activated, will instantly switch the user between the classified and unclassified environments.

Incorporating INFOSEC components to authenticate user transactions, the workstation operates in conjunction with Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology with encryption services and the XTS-300? based "Trusted Access Portal" server. As part of the joint development agreement between the three companies, Getronics Government Solutions and Delta Security will provide the secure operating system and hardware configuration, while NeTraverse will provide the unique technology to deploy Microsoft Windows applications on the secure platform.

"The need for this technology has been around for years, we are excited by this partnership not ONLY because we are finally able to bring to market a product that has been needed for years, but the Secure Multi-Domain Workstation will dramatically reduce costs in infrastructure and personnel," stated Mary Stassie, CTO, Getronics Government Solutions.

"Security, reliability and efficiency are key components of the secure workstation solution we will bring to market," said James Curtin, president and CEO of NeTraverse. "We are very pleased to partner with Getronics and Delta to provide a high-performance workstation solution to the US Government that enables it not only to ensure the highest level of security, but to improve productivity and reduce the cost and complexity of IT management."

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About Getronics Government Solutions
Getronics Government Solutions, is a leading provider of secure, desktop and network information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to the United States federal government. The company has provided the U.S. Department of Defense, civilian agencies and intelligence community with the practical solutions and reliable applications of technology for 30 years. Headquartered in Northern, Virginia, Getronics Government Solutions has more than 2,300 employees worldwide.

To support its customers' end-to-end ICT needs, Getronics Government Solutions' portfolio includes seat management, network and communications solutions, and information assurance services and products. More information about Getronics Government Solutions can be found on the World Wide Web at

About NeTraverse Inc.
NeTraverse Inc., is the market leader in bridging Windows® to Linux® with over 800,000 users worldwide. Providing thin-client software solutions on the Linux and Unix platform, NeTraverse offers innovative products and services to facilitate the seamless migration from Windows to Linux and lower the cost of enterprise IT infrastructure. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NeTraverse is bringing the Revolution to Desktop TCO?. For more information, please visit

About Delta Security Technologies Corporation
Delta Security Technologies, Inc. (DST) is a woman-owned small business that specializes in security systems engineering and security support services for customers in the Federal Government and Private Industry. The corporation has three operating divisions which include the Information Systems Division; the Security Services Division; and System Engineering Division. All of these divisions are managed through our corporate headquarters located in Lexington Park, Maryland. For more information, please visit

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