July 25, 2002

NeTraverse releases Win4Lin terminal server version 2.0

An anonymous coward writes "AUSTIN, TEXAS July 23, 2002 -- NeTraverse Inc., a leading provider of thin-client software solutions for the enterprise and software developers, announces the immediate availability of the latest version of its Win4Lin® Terminal Server product. The new version also includes a name change from from NeTraverse Server Standard Edition.

Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0 distributes Windows applications to remote users. The feature rich Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0 enables Linux(r) to support Windows(r) applications over a network on a thin or thick client, delivering centralized management, server deployment and network integration.

The new name more accurately describes the product by both leveraging the recognizable Win4Lin brand as well as highlighting the terminal server functionality. Added features have increased the value proposition so that the Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0 can be deployed in a wider range of system solutions.

Win4Lin Terminal Server is a server-based product that runs multiple concurrent Windows user sessions on an x86-based Linux server, cluster or array of servers. The Win4Lin Terminal Server supports a number of remote display protocols and tools to serve these sessions to remote devices such as traditional PCs, UNIX workstations, thin clients or dumb terminals. The Win4Lin Terminal Server product is the leading tool preferred by Linux users to operate applications that are used on Microsoft Windows 95/98/98SE and ME including personal productivity, software development, Web development, desktop and graphic applications since its introduction in 2000. Running Microsoft Windows applications in a Linux environment allows users to take advantage of the inherent reliability and security of Linux while continuing to use familiar industry standard applications and preserving their work products created on them.

The Win4Lin product has successfully eliminated desktop platform redundancy. Sites where it was necessary to maintain separate machines, one for Linux/UNIX and one for Microsoft Windows-based applications, can now use only one machine by running Linux and the Win4Lin product, without the need for dual-booting.

New features requested by the more than 800,000-strong user community included in Win4Lin Version 2.0 are:

  • Support for Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME)
  • Large Windows Memory Footprint
  • Easier resizing of the Win4Lin window
  • Asian Language Support for Microsoft Windows 98SE
  • Wheel Mouse support
  • Increased Application Support

End-user and systems administration user loyalty for the Win4Lin product has been a source of strong and gratifying support to the company.

"Our clients have had a lot of success over the years using LTLs Mr.Load and Dr.Trucker desktop solutions," said C.W. "Buck" Masten, CEO/Chairman of LTL.com, Inc., a leading provider of Transportation Freight Handling software solutions. "With the new Win4Lin Terminal Server we are extending that success with this strategic technology as we cope with our customers growing concerns about hardware and software cost requirements. Not only are we able to deliver strategic applications that are economical and reliable, we are maintaining our clients operating environment which means even lower cost and faster ROI."

The Win4Lin Terminal Server product fits into the overall NeTraverse product strategy of providing the tools necessary to make Information Technology organizations and end users successful by using reliable cost effective software that can run on both the most modern high-end platforms as well as take advantage of less expensive Intel Pentium II and III platforms.

The Win4Lin Terminal Server is the disruptive technology that has been sought after in the thin-client, server-based drive of the last five to ten years, said James P. Curtin, NeTraverse President and CEO. Win4Lin Terminal Server combines the popularity and acceptance of Windows applications with the performance, reliability, security and openness of Linux, all while allowing a user to chose the hardware combinations that make most sense to them on the desktop PC, thin, re-purposed or workstation. Now a company can have the best of all worlds without the restrictions of one particular vendors full-stack solution,

There is no charge to upgrade from NeTraverse Server Standard Edition 1.1(NSSE) to NeTraverse Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0.

Please contact sales@netraverse.com for replacement licenses.

Win4Lin Terminal Server Edition Version 2.0 is now shipping and is available as either an upgrade for existing users or a full product for new users.

About NeTraverse

NeTraverse Inc., is the market leader in bridging Windows® to Linux® with over 800,000 users worldwide. Providing thin-client software solutions on the Linux and UNIX platform, NeTraverse offers innovative products and services to facilitate the seamless migration from Windows to Linux and lower the cost of enterprise IT infrastructure. NeTraverse products include Win4Lin Workstation, Win4Lin Terminal Server and Merge. Headquartered in Austin, Texas.

For more information, please visit www.netraverse.com."

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