January 13, 2004

NeTraverse Significantly Enhances Win4Lin Terminal

NeTraverse Press writes "AUSTIN, TX January 13, 2004 NeTraverse, today, announced the immediate availability of Win4Lin Terminal Server3.0, based on the award-winning Win4Lin technology. Win4Lin Terminal Server (WTS) is the ideal engine to power low maintenance, high performance Windows desktop-computing environments hosted on Linux virtual machines. CIOs and IT directors who are striving to provide the same high value Windows solutions can now do so on the lower cost, more reliable Linux server platform. Many organizations are already comfortable with Citrix-style thin client computing and will immediately recognize the added benefit of WTS from applications on open-standards-based Linux servers.

In response to existing customers and Fortune 500 companies, Win4Lin Terminal Server includes the following exciting features:

  • WTS completes the last 20% of the software stack, Windows application support. In addition, users making the switch to Linux can consolidate their Windows desktop OS on centrally managed application servers, and even re-deploy them to the Web.
  • Profile-based Provisioning facilitates deployment of Windows user sessions in seconds rather, than hours or days.
  • Remote login clients are easily downloaded and installed on client machines.
  • NeTraverse technology allows transparent WAN printing using a Windows or Linux client
  • GUI administrative and configuration tools have low learning curve and improve administrator productivity.
  • WTS now supports the 2.6 Linux kernel which makes WTS very scalable on low cost x86 PCs.
  • Centralizes administration of desktop computing environment.

WTS 3.0 is a huge leap forward for the Linux community as it is the first easy-to-use, scalable and secure way to integrate desktop provisioning into a network-centric delivery model, said Jim Curtin, President and CEO of NeTraverse. Organizations can now make a larger commitment to Linux and Web Services knowing that they can host their legacy Windows environments on Linux-based virtual access software.

Virtual Access Software solutions have been hindered on Linux due to the lack of a user-friendly equivalent to Citrix. By enabling a Linux server to serve Windows applications, NeTraverse allows organizations to wean themselves off the expensive Microsoft server franchise in favor of an end-to-end Linux environment.

For more detailed information on the WTS feature set visit www.netraverse.com/products/wts/.

For more information on purchasing Win4Lin Terminal Server, please contact NeTraverse at sales@netraverse.com.

Dan Perlman
Bluefugue Media

Link: netraverse.com

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