February 8, 2001

Netscape 6.01 browser suite released

Author: JT Smith

A reader tells us that Mmozillaquest.com has more information about Netscape 6.01. "According to the NS 6.01 edition of the Netscape 6 Release Notes here is what's new in NS 6.01:
Enhanced stability. Netscape 6.01 includes improvements that make installing and using it much more reliable than version 6.0.
Fixes for many of the most frequently reported problems in version 6.0. These fixes address, among other things, support for the Mac OS scroll wheel, increased accuracy of the Security lock icon, bookmark descriptions (they are no longer lost), and other user-interface feedback issues.
The Netscape 6 browser suite and the upcoming NeoPlanet browser are based upon the cross-platform Mozilla browser-suite. The current Milestone Mozilla browser-suite release is Mozilla 0.7. The Mozilla Milestone 0.8 release is expected next week."
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