August 24, 2002

Netscape 7.0 final coming any day now

"After reading the post about Netscape 4.8 being released, I went to their FTP site to check things out. I noticed that in their "/pub/netscape7/english/" folder that there is a new entry besides 7.0PR1. The new entry is 7.0, but you can't get into the folder with an anonymous name and password. I've done a search on google for "netscape 7.0 final" and sure enough, there's two sites reporting something about the 7.0 final being released very soon! I suspect that it "might" be within this next week or so. Netscape's site is still referencing the PR1 release.

Here's the url from google for the site(s) talking about it: -8&q=%22netscape+7.0+final%22&btnG=Google+Sear ch" -- Fishbutt

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