May 19, 2005

Netscape is Back, Netscape 8 Released

Anonymous Reader writes "The name Netscape hasn't really been heard much in the last few years. The browser lost its popularity and faded away after Microsoft's Internet Explorer was released during the early days of the World Wide Web. Today, Netscape has launched the new and improved Netscape 8. The new browser is based on the FireFox 1.0.3 code and includes extra features and enhancements. One of the key components tackles the problems with Web standards. Netscape 8 "toggles" between the IE and FireFox rendering engines so users can view sites the way they were intended. Netscape's new browser also includes security features that block spyware and help prevent phishing attacks. Netscape's new browser supports FireFox's advanced features like tabbed browsing, built-in RSS handling but also adds some of its own. It includes the best of FireFox with a clean Netscape interface. You can download the new alternative browser here."


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