May 18, 2001

Is Netscape losing the browser wars?

Author: JT Smith

From a reader: MozillaQuest Magazine (, has an interestig article about the browser wars. r-01-story-01.html. "Netscape 6 is noticeably absent from the Red Hat Linux 7.1 and the SuSe Linux 7.1 distributions. It's also noticeably absent from Caldera's OpenLinux 3.1 beta. Meanwhile, both Red Hat and SuSe include the Mozilla browser-suite in their latest Linux distributions.

Mozilla is not Netscape 6's only competitor for the Linux desktop. For example, most Linux distributions include the K Desktop Environment (KDE), which includes the Konqueror browser. Sun's cross-platform (XP) StarOffice suite has browser functionality and is included with many Linux distributions. StarOffice also is available for free downloading. And many Linux distributions such as Red Hat Linux 7.1, SuSe Linux 7.1, Mandrake 8.0, and the OpenLinux 3.1 beta include Netscape 4.7x rather than Netscape 6."

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