March 20, 2002

Netscape's antitrust suit against Microsoft: they're both wrong

From "On the pricing issue. Netscape should not complain about Microsoft's practice of giving IE away at no cost. After all, when Netscape started, its
browser was given away at no cost, which enabled it to gain a huge market share that took even Microsoft years to chip away.

On the bundling issue. This is a non-issue. It is not as if Windows has locked the user out of installing Netscape on his or her own computer by
including IE with the OS. If a user really wants to use Netscape he can ignore IE or use Microsoft's own utility to remove its icon. By including IE,
Microsoft gives the option for people to get online; is that such a bad thing? Besides, you could have used IE to download Netscape, so by including
IE, Microsoft is actually giving you a way around IE. Now is that a bad thing for Netscape?"

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