May 23, 2006

NetSecL 1.3 is released

Anonymous Reader writes "NetSecL 1.3 is released - this release fetures great improvements in security - stack protection. NetSecL includes GrSecurity, 2 Paranoia kernels that let you experience the full power of PaX, tools for security enhancements (Clamav, Klamav, GnuTLS, Kerberos, Cyrus, Snort , Tripwire etc.) freeware for penetration testing (Nessus, Kismet, PADS, Amap, Dsniff, Ettercap, Hydra, hping and many others), as well as some additions like hardware recognition, OpenOffice, MPlayer, amaroK, Qtparted, Gtkam, Krusader, Gslapt, FirewallBuilder and other tools for multimedia and system management.

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