May 30, 2004

Network Associates Offers Continuous Anti-Virus Protection for Linux Servers with McAfee LinuxShield

Linux, which is a free Unix-type operating system, is fast becoming the development platform of choice for government, healthcare and education, as well as large enterprises that are installing it on selected servers. While the operating system is primarily being adopted as a server platform, use on end node systems are growing. In addition, windows viruses can pass through Linux servers infecting attached workstations. With multiple avenues for attackers to compromise a network through the discovery and exploitation of vulnerable systems, proactive anti-virus defense is essential to protecting Linux users connecting to the corporate network.

"Most new viruses, worms, and blended threats are targeted at Microsoft operating systems, but invade the enterprise via a series of non-Microsoft platforms such as routers, firewalls, and Linux platforms," said Eric Hemmendinger, research director for security and privacy at Aberdeen Group. "McAfee LinuxShield helps IT decision-makers prevent the Linux platforms from being exploited as network entry points for Microsoft-targeted viruses, worms, and blended threats."

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