July 26, 2008

Network monitoring with Zenoss: A reluctant administrator's guide

My wife and I have been using (and collecting) computers for years. Now my household now has four physical computers, one of them dual boot. All are on a single internal local area network with five real users plus sundry administrative ones on each. Some of the computers are also running services. I also have two computers sitting in a box, which will probably be added to this mess soon, plus my wife plans to get a laptop. I now manage a network bigger than many small businesses! But I canââ¬â¢t afford to pay a system administrator, and the tedium of ââ¬Ånetwork plumbingââ¬Â is my least favorite part of computer technology. Surely, there must be a way to automate this mess?

Enter Zenoss.

Link: Free Software Magazine


  • System Administration
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