June 30, 2003

Neuros Digital Audio Computer Announces Linux Integration, Ogg Vorbis Playback

Neuros Digital Audio Computer Announces Availability of Positron for Linux Platform Support and Ogg Vorbis Playback. First Digital Audio Device Manufacturer to Collaborate with the Open Source Community; Offers Unlimited Possibilities for True Third-Party Application Integration.

CHICAGO-- June 30, 2003 -- Digital Innovations, maker of the
revolutionary Neuros Digital Audio Computer, today announced the
availability of Positron, an open source synchronization application
that allows consumers to transfer digital audio files from a Linux
workstation to the Neuros device. Positron represents the first
deliverable from Digital Innovations' ongoing joint project with
Xiph.org, founders of the Ogg Vorbis file format. Next month the two
companies will unveil the second phase of the venture, offering
integrated support for Ogg Vorbis playback on the Neuros. Digital
Innovations is the first digital audio device manufacturer to offer
these valuable capabilities with direct support from the open source

"Adding support for Linux, Ogg Vorbis, and other operating systems and
file formats to MP3 players is expected to extend the lifecycle of the
MP3 player market as it begins to mature, said Susan Kevorkian, senior
analyst at IDC. "This is an important way for manufacturers to appeal to
previously untapped segments of the user base."

In providing support for the Linux platform, the Neuros offers a number
of clear advantages over other digital audio players that lack such
utility. Open source developers have the flexibility to create unlimited
third-party applications that other users can use, free of licensing
restrictions. Several developers have already begun to build
applications that expand Neuros' capabilities beyond its original MP3
file playback functionality. One such application will offer voicemail
retrieval capability, while another is designed to randomly select
tracks for download from the user's digital music collection based on
pre-selected preferences.

Today's announcement further empowers consumers to enjoy their music as
they wish. The Ogg Vorbis format's superior sound quality and increased
storage capacity gives users the opportunity to collect more music on
their device and enhance their listening experience.

"From its initial stages, the digital audio phenomenon was largely a
product of creative, independent developers with a vision for technology
and devices that speak directly to consumers and their music. We're
harnessing that same spirit to further broaden the appeal and function
of Neuros," said Joe Born, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of
Digital Innovations. "The initial reaction we've received from the open
source community has been overwhelmingly positive, and certainly
suggests a considerable demand for Linux and Ogg Vorbis support - we're
thrilled to be the first vendor to work with Xiph to integrate it into
our device."

"The relationship we've formed with Digital Innovations is quite unique,
as it represents the industry's first partnership between a device
manufacturer and an open source development group with a common goal,"
said Jack Moffitt, CEO of Xiph.org. "In developing a direct link from
Neuros to the Linux platform, we're giving developers their first
opportunity to create interactive applications for a ground-breaking
digital audio device. The possibilities are truly endless."

The Neuros Digital Audio Computer couples compact design and device
usability with new levels of digital music personalization and
compatibility to deliver an unprecedented music experience. The device
includes several unique features including MyFi, which provides wireless
playback capability through any FM radio, and HiSi, an automatic song
identification system.

Current Neuros users can download the Positron application directly from
www.neurosaudio.com. Ogg Vorbis playback capability, currently available
in beta from the Website and scheduled for final release next month,
will be accessible via a software update during the Neuros
synchronization process. Both are offered free of charge. For more
information about Digital Innovations' work with the open source
community, please visit http://open.neurosaudio.com. Neuros can be
purchased online directly from the company's Website and from J&R Music
& Computer World at www.jr.com, and will be available at select retail
outlets including CompUSA beginning in September 2003.

About Xiph.org

The Xiph.org Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
designing, implementing, and promoting royalty-free, open standards for
Internet multimedia. The first of these standards is the Ogg Vorbis
audio codec, providing a royalty-free and superior alternative to MP3.
For more information visit http://www.xiph.org.

About Digital Innovations

Digital Innovations, established in 1995, is committed to providing
breakthrough, easy-to-use products to enhance consumer use and enjoyment
of technology. More than two million of the award-winning SkipDoctor
line of CD, DVD and game disc scratch repair devices have been sold
worldwide. For additional information on Digital Innovations and an
interactive demonstration of the Neuros Digital Audio Computer, please
visit www.neurosaudio.com.

Link: xiph.org

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