July 24, 2006

New $5,000 Open Source CMS Award Launched

Douglas Paterson writes "A new award scheme was launched today offering a first prize of $5,000 and the title of best Open Source Content Management System, 2006. Voted for by a panel of independent judges and visitors to www.PacktPub.com, the award is designed to recognize and reward outstanding achievement in a high quality and highly competitive marketplace.

There is currently an abundance of premium open source Content Management Systems available to download. Each lays claim to a dedicated team of developers and contributors working tirelessly to improve performance, design and accessibility, all so that it can be downloaded and implemented by its users, for free.

Ultimately, the most popular question to ask and seemingly most difficult to answer is simply, which one is the best? "We have been asked this question countless times" explains Damian Carvill, marketing manager at Packt, the company operating the award. "This is actually where the idea for an award came from" he reveals.

Packt is known as an enthusiastic supporter of Open Source and has been paying open source projects a percentage of its book sales for the last two years. "Packt subscribes to the belief that Open Source should be promoted, supported, and sustained whenever and however possible" says Carvill. "The launch of the Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is a further initiative designed to provide projects with substantial revenue," he concludes.

Packt is currently looking for people to nominate their favourite Content Management System. The five projects that receive the most public nominations will go through to a final round of voting, with a panel of judges and votes from users deciding who receives the $5,000 prize.

For more information about the Packt Open Source Content Management System Prize, please visit: www.PacktPub.com/award "

Link: packtpub.com

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