July 27, 2006

New 64-Bit In-Memory Embedded Database for Linux64

Ted Kenney writes "McObject has released treme DB-64, the 64-bit version of its treme DB 3.0 in-memory embedded database for real-time enterprise and embedded systems, on Linux64 (x64). treme DB-64 supports databases that are hundreds of times larger than the 32-bit version, providing a powerful new tool in fields such as engineering, science, computer simulation, finance, and game production that demand instantaneous sorting, retrieval and manipulation of massive databases.

“Petroleum engineers analyze massive geospatial data stores to find profitably extractable resources. Computer games must instantly access large ‘scene graph’ and ‘world state’ databases for realistic play. Embedded, in-memory data management that takes full advantage of 64-bit processing can significantly increase the productivity benefits and user experience of these and many other applications. For this reason, we expect the marketplace to welcome eXtremeDB-64,” Steve Graves, McObject co-founder and CEO, said.

In addition to Linux64, eXtremeDB-64 is now available on HP-UX (Itanium), Solaris (Sparc), and Windows Server 2003 64-bit (x64).

Compared to traditional 32-bit processors, 64-bit technology approximately doubles the amount of data a CPU can handle per clock cycle, and increases the amount of memory a system can address, from approximately 3GB, to at least one terabyte (1000GB).

eXtremeDB-64, as an in-memory database system (IMDS), leverages the increased available memory to support much larger databases, while continuing to deliver the performance-related benefits inherent in its all-in-memory design. These include elimination of disk I/O, file management and caching logic, data transfer and duplication, and other sources of performance overhead that are “hard-wired” into on-disk databases.

With eXtremeDB-64, McObject moves to the forefront of embedded databases in providing 64-bit support. Other 64-bit databases (both in-memory and on-disk) are typically client-server products that entail separate database server and client application processes. In contrast, as an embedded database, eXtremeDB is a library that is linked with the client application. This eliminates client/server inter-process communication latency, providing eXtremeDB-64 with another significant performance advantage."

Link: mcobject.com

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