July 9, 2002

New Amiga can run MacOS on Linux with no problems

M.Bora CAN writes: "The new Amiga known as AmigaONE can run MacOS using MOL on Linux without any problems. See ScreenShot. " The AmigaOneG3-SE is a G3 PPC motherboard board capable of running Amiga OS4.x(release expected Q3 2002) and PPC versions of Linux. (Also now MacOS on Linux by using MOL Emulator.)The board uses an IBM 750CXe PPC cpu running at 600MHz. The IBM/Motorola PPC CPU's deliver far more througput per clock MHz than an x86 cpu, and this, coupled with the high efficiency and mature, designed-in, multitasking capabilities of the Amiga OS means the the new AmigaOneG3-SE is anticipated to deliver levels of user responsiveness far greater than that of equivalently priced Wintel or Macintosh computers  .The AmigaOneG3-SE uses a standard ATX form factor (and can therefore use any case capable of taking a full-sized ATX motherboard), supports up to 2GB of main memory and has 4 x PCI + 1 x AGP slots and Sound+Modem+Ethernet on board."
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