February 1, 2002

New Aurora Linux driver emulates ethernet over sync serial connection

Author: JT Smith

Aurora Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a Linux device driver for its
PCI and cPCI synchronous and asynchronous multiport serial controllers. This new integrated, multifunction Linux driver features sync
and async TTY devices, a CUA call-out device, a sync character driver, and network device driver functionality that emulates
Ethernet over wide area network (WAN).

Aurora's Linux driver offers a unique synchronous network driver that provides a serial Ethernet-like interface, which transmits and
receives Ethernet frames on the serial interface without the extra overhead and complexity associated with synchronous PPP. This
streamlined approach avoids the complexities associated with vendor-based remote access protocols.

Another key feature of this Linux driver is its compatibility with Aurora's XP series of expansion chassis. This hardware and driver
combination benefits the user by providing up to 56 ports from a single host slot.

Other benefits of Aurora's Linux device driver include an asynchronous TTY driver that supports serial connections to asynchronous
TTYs with the standard Linux/Unix terminal capabilities and custom baud rates. A synchronous character driver provides a standard
read/write interface to the network driver. The Aurora Linux software also provides full sync/async modem support for all ports
supporting up to V.92 and V.Everything.

"Aurora's new multifunction Linux serial driver provides a level of sophistication, performance, flexibility, and reliability for enterprise
users that previously was unobtainable from the standard commercial Unix distributions," says Joachim Martillo, President, Telford
Tools, Inc., Aurora's development partner for this project.

Aurora packages the Linux driver with source code for users to modify for custom applications. Partitioned by functionality, the source
code comes with functional and design specifications as well as other user documentation.

Aurora Linux driver is ideal for high-speed, high-throughput applications in the financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing,
military/defense, education, and ISP industries.

The new Linux device driver support the following Aurora PCI and cPCI multiport serial controllers:

  • Apollo 4020P (PCI, Asynchronous)
  • Saturn 2520P, 4520P, and 8520P (PCI, Synchronous/Asynchronous)
  • LANMultiServer 2000P Series (PCI, Asynchronous)
  • WANMultiServer 3000P Series (PCI, Synchronous/Asynchronous)
  • Vanguard 4520CP (cPCI, Synchronous/Asynchronous)

The Aurora Linux ASLX 2.01 driver (kernel 2.4.17 or higher) is free to the public and available via the company's website at

About Aurora Technologies, Inc.
Aurora Technologies, A Carlo Gavazzi Group Company, is a leading supplier of multiport serial connectivity products and console
management solutions for the Sun(tm) Microsystems and Linux(r) markets. Aurora is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Aurora's serial connectivity solutions have been deployed in a wide range of industries including financial services, telecommunications,
manufacturing, military/defense, education, and ISPs.

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