November 12, 2004

New Berkeley DB Open Source Database Available

Craig Oda writes "Sleepycat Software Releases New Version of Berkeley DB

New performance and high availability features strengthen popular open source database for mission-critical telecommunication infrastructure and enterprise datacenters

EMERYVILLE Calif., November 10, 2004 Sleepycat Software, makers of Berkeley DB, the most widely used open source developer database in the world with over 200 million deployments, today announced the general availability of Berkeley DB 4.3. The new release includes in-memory transaction logging as well as other speed and ease-of-use enhancements to improve the development of telecommunication and enterprise datacenter infrastructure software meeting 99.999% carrier-grade availability requirements.

"Berkeley DB is faster and easier to use than ever before," said Mike Olson, CEO of Sleepycat Software. "We're continuing to push Berkeley DB deeper into mission-critical environments by working closely with customers to enhance Berkeley DB for carrier-grade environments where 24x7 uptime is mandatory."

"Speed, reliability and ease-of-use are important considerations for telecommunication infrastructure equipment," said Rich Wong, General Manager of the Messaging Group at Openwave. "We're pleased that Sleepycat continues to improve Berkeley DB for the telecommunications industry. Openwave relies on Berkeley DB as the core message store in Email Mx, a messaging platform that handles more than 1.5 billion messages a day."

Berkeley DB 4.3 adds support for in-memory transaction logging, enabling fast recovery in response to system failovers in a distributed database. Since disk is usually the slowest part of a database system, new features in Berkeley DB gives the infrastructure developer the option of replicating the session in system memory, enabling a high performance, high availability system over a fast network.

New features in Berkeley DB 4.3 include:

  • Level 2 isolation for improved transaction throughput - Berkeley DB now supports repeatable reads as well as committed reads (level 1
  • Automatic initialization of replication clients, making it easier to set up a fault-tolerant system;
  • Automatic sequence number generation - high speed databases frequently use unique identifiers which commonly are a hotspot limiting
    application scalability. Berkeley DB now supports such sequences natively ensuring the highest level of concurrency and improving overall application speed.

About Sleepycat Software

Sleepycat Software ( makes Berkeley DB, the most widely used open source developer database in the world with over 200 million deployments. Customers such as, AOL, British Telecom, Cisco Systems, EMC, Google, Hitachi, HP, Motorola, RSA Security, Sun Microsystems, TIBCO and Veritas also rely on Berkeley DB for fast, scalable, reliable and cost-effective data management for their mission-critical applications. Profitable since it was founded in 1996, Sleepycat is a privately held company with offices in California, Massachusetts and the United Kingdom.

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