April 24, 2006

New Book on Drupal, Open Source CMS Announced

Author: Damian Carvill

Damian Carvill writes "Packt Publishing is pleased to announce details of the first book on Drupal, one of the leading open source content management systems. Drupal: Blogs, Forums, Portals and Community Websites is written by experienced author David Mercer and is a complete guide to understanding every aspect of creating a variety of different websites using Drupal.Drupal is software that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a great variety of content on a website. Based on PHP/MySQL, its power and flexibility combined with its exceptional design means it is already on the way to becoming the de facto standard for CMS Websites. Drupal’s modular design and structured source code make it both highly flexible and easily extended and modified. Drupal is extremely scalable, making it ideal for both a simple personal website as well as an industrial strength commercial or institutional web presence.

Drupal’s power means choosing an initial pathway can be daunting. The flexibility and power of its content management features mean the right approach needs to be taken. This book, written in version 4.7, takes you from the initial set up through site design and creation in a series of carefully structured steps. While there are a few advanced topics that are beyond the scope of the book, all of the core stages of creating a website using Drupal are covered in detail.

This book will suit anyone who has the need to create a content rich web site. Whether you are adding a personal web page, building a forum, retailing goods, creating a blog or launching a community website, this book will prove to be an indispensable companion.

Drupal: Blogs, Forums, Portals and Community Websites is due to be published in May, for more information and to receive a 20% discount for pre-ordering, please visit: www.PacktPub.com/drupal/book

About Packt
Packt is a modern, unique publishing company with a focus on producing cutting-edge books for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike.

Packt’s books and publications share the experiences of fellow IT professionals in adapting and customizing today's systems, applications, and frameworks. Their solutions-based books give readers the knowledge and power to customize the software and technologies they’re using to get the job done.

Packt believes in Open Source. When they sell a book written on an Open Source project, they pay a royalty directly to that project. As a result of purchasing ‘Drupal: Blogs, Forums, Portals and Community Websites’, Packt will have given some of the money received to the Drupal open source project.

For more information, please visit www.PacktPub.com"

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