May 14, 2004

New Book on Linux Virtual Memory Manager

Heather Fox writes

"Prentice Hall announces: "Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager"

Mel Gorman, an Open Source Software Documentation Specialist,
Authors a Critical Guide for Every Kernel Programmer and Researcher

Upper Saddle River, NJ (May 13, 2004) - Prentice Hall PTR, the leading publisher of advanced technology books, announces the publication of Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager, a book to enable developers to adapt the VM to their needs and more generally, for readers who want to know how the VM works.

Author Gorman, who specializes in documenting open source software, provides richly illustrated tutorials on VM architecture and algorithms and line-by-line commentary on core VM code, and includes topics including physical memory description, page tables, address spaces, allocation, slabs, high memory, swapping, shared memory and out-of-memory management.

To tie it all together, the book includes a complete VM learning lab on CD-ROM, including browse-able kernel source, call graph generator, analysis/benchmarking tools, and code commentary. In addition, the appendices include a detailed code commentary on a significant percentage of the VM.

This book is included within the Prentice Hall PTR Bruce Perens'
Open Source Series, edited by open source evangelist and developer
Bruce Perens. The Series focuses on Linux and open source technologies.

Table of Contents are provided here:

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