June 23, 2005

New Book: Performance Tuning for Linux Servers

Heather Fox writes "Performance Tuning for Linux Servers - EDITED by Three Linux Performance Experts, with Chapter Contributions from 21 Linux Practitioners

Upper Saddle River, NJ, (June, 2005) – IBM Press[tm], the official publisher of IBM books for professionals and students, is pleased to announce publication of the new book, Performance Tuning for Linux Servers-- edited by three Linux performance experts, with chapters contributed by 21 practitioners in the field-- to provide readers with the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand and improve the performance of Linux servers.

The book provides readers with the methods and techniques to maximize end-to-end performance of Linux-based applications and databases, including how to find bottlenecks, measure performance, and identify effective optimizations.

IBM Press is a publishing partnership between IBM Corp. and Pearson Education.

Book Organization:
The book contains 520 pages, organized into 22 chapters and five major parts, which include:
Part I: “Linux Overview”: Provides an overview of Linux installation, the Linux kernel and server architectures;
Part II: “Performance Analysis Tools”: Provides a review of performance tools in three areas: system performance and monitoring, system trace, and benchmarking;
Part III: “System Tuning”: Discusses performance tuning principles and strategy, in addition to scheduler, memory, I/O, file system, and network and code tuning;
Part IV: “Performance Characterization of Linux Server Applications”: Describes the performance characteristics of server applications, touching on factors that may affect their performance. [Includes discussion of web, file, database, and application servers.]
Part V: “Tuning Case Studies”: Provides examples of how to integrate work in the previous sections to attempt a tuning project with different scenarios. [Included are case studies on scheduling, I/O, file system and network and commercial workload tuning.]
The book closes with an “Appendix A” that discusses kernel tunable parameters and how to use the sysctl,/proc, and sysfs interfaces for Linux kernel tuning.
Early Reader Review:
"If you're responsible for Linux servers and you need to keep things running at peak efficiency, you *need* to get this book...This is one of those rare books that ranks high on
many criteria... It's got a lot of theory, the "why" of different features as they relate to performance. It's also packed full of practical material. Bottom line... If you run a Linux system and you are responsible for making sure it performs, this is the book you need to have."-- Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings blog: http://www.twduff.com/

Author Bio Info:
Sandra K. Johnson, Ph.D. , is a Senior Technical Staff Member and the Chief Technology Officer of Global Small and Medium Business, IBM Systems and Technology Group. She was formerly the Linux Performance Architect with the IBM Linux Technology Center in Austin, Texas. She has more than sixteen years of experience in designing and evaluating the performance of operating systems and applications. Johnson is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.
Gerrit Huizenga is a software engineer and architect for Linux Base Technologies in the IBM Linux Technology Center in Beaverton, Oregon. Gerrit has been architecting, designing, and implementing operating system capabilities with a focus on performance, scalability, standards, and security for twenty years. Prior to his work at the IBM Linux Technology Center, Gerrit was the Chief Technologist for Operating Systems at Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Badari Pulavarty is a senior engineer at the IBM Linux Technology Center in Beaverton, Oregon. He has fifteen years of experience developing UNIX operating systems.
The book will be available through major chain and independent booksellers nationwide and through online vendors at a suggested retail price of US $54.99. To learn more about the book, visit http://www.phptr.com/title/013144753x , or contact IBM Press Publicist Heather Fox at 201-236-7139 or email: heather.fox@pearsoned.com.
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