March 31, 2004

New Book: "Samba-3 By Example"

Heather Fox writes
"Prentice Hall PTR announces "Samba-3 By Example", the companion follow-up book to the best-selling "Samba-3 HowTo and Reference Guide"

Samba-Team Member John H. Terpstra Authors "Samba-3 By Example" in Response to Demand for Real-World Worked Examples of Samba-3 Configurations-Source CD Included

Upper Saddle River, NJ (March 31, 2004) - Prentice Hall PTR, the leading publisher of advanced technology books, announces the publication of "Samba-3 By Example", (ISBN 0131472216), a book and accompanying CD to provide administrators with best practices of fully functional examples and case studies for the most efficient Samba installations, and serving as the perfect complementary companion to "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide", which Prentice Hall PTR published last November.

"Samba-3 By Example" is written by John H. Terpstra, one of the long-standing members of the Samba-Team, and one of the primary responders to help requests from Samba users around the world. Terpstra was a main contributor to the release of Samba-3.0.0 in September, 2003 and is lead editor of "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" (ISBN 0131453556), which stands as the first guide book to Samba-3. "Samba-3 By Example", the follow-on companion book, is the logical result of Terpstra's direct interaction with and feedback from hundreds of real-world Windows, UNIX, and Linux administrators who have expressed their need for such a trusted, expert resource to assist in deploying Samba servers.

"Samba-3 By Example", along with "The Official Samba- 3 HOWTO and Reference Guide", is part of the Prentice Hall PTR Bruce Perens' Open Source Series, which is edited by open source evangelist and developer Bruce Perens.

"Samba-3 By Example makes it easy for Windows administrators to solve their file-sharing problems by switching to an open source server," Bruce Perens said.

The case studies presented in the book are typical of a wide-range of businesses and reflect their shared common problems and challenges. As its approach, each chapter of the book opens with the description of a networking problem faced by a hypothetical company, called "Abmas".

The chapter then proceeds to document the resulting solution, including extensively tested configuration files, scripts and other tools and steps needed to implement the example solution- all of which are included on a CD-ROM packaged with the book. Furthermore, each chapter concludes with a set of questions and answers to help readers digest the main learning points and most importantly, to ultimately implement them. The book's CD-ROM also contains the binary and source packages of Samba 3.02 for SuSE Linux products and Red Hat Fedora Core 1.

To receive recognition as official Samba documentation, Prentice Hall PTR is pleased to announce permission to commit the full source of both books, "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" and the new publication "Samba-3 by Example", to's public CVS in early April. Each book in the Bruce Perens' Open Source Series is published under the Open Publication License, an open source-compatible book license.

Author John Terpstra has been an active member of the Samba-Team since 1995 and helps create the strategy behind Samba. He plays a central role in answering user questions and writing the resulting documentation. He is also a full-time executive management consultant providing guidance in alternative information technology strategies through his company PrimaStasys, Inc. He may be contacted at

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To interview Terpstra about Samba and/or if you're interested in writing a review of this book, please contact Prentice Hall PTR/Addison-Wesley Publicist Heather Fox at 201-236-7139 or email:

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