December 21, 2005

New DBMS published: H2

Author: Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller writes "The former developer of the Java Open Source DBMS Hypersonic SQL just published a new DBMS called 'H2' (for Hypersonic 2). H2 is written in Java, but also available as a native executable (using GCJ). Apart from the usual features such as SQL, transactions, JDBC API, referential integrity, the database also supports clustering, views, subqueries, encryption, trigger and stored procedures. There's an ODBC driver as well. As HSQLDB, database can be operated in the embedded and server mode, with data kept in-memory or on disk. This is already the third database engine written by the Swiss Thomas Mueller: after Hypersonic SQL, he also made PointBase Micro. Development of H2 started in May 2004, but it was first published a few days ago in the internet."
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