June 1, 2006

New Eclipse-based Performance Tools Released

Michael Czeiszperger writes "Web Performance, Inc. Releases Performance Tools Based on Eclipse

Durham, NC (PRWEB) May 31, 2006 - Web Performance, Inc. (WPI) announces the 3.0 release of the Web Performance Suite™, an integrated collection of web testing modules based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.

This month Web Performance, Inc. released the Web Performance Suite™, a web testing software collection that leverages the Eclipse Rich Client Platform to bring the look and feel of that popular software development environment to web testing. "We realized that all web-based testing uses the same basic components, and there's no reason to have a complicated set of multiple programs to learn when all types of web testing procedures are so similar", says product manager Michael Czeiszperger. "Instead, we bundled common web-testing functionality into a free product that you can use to develop test cases and do baseline performance testing. Then add-on modules can be purchased to do just what you need, like web monitoring, load testing, or functional testing".

The single largest cost in web testing is learning how to use the software, which has now been made easier because of the use of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. This popular open source development environment has become the single most popular software platform in the world. By leveraging this look and feel, anyone familiar with Eclipse will instantly feel at home with the Web Performance Suite™. Don't know Eclipse? Its not required to use the program. There's a huge amount of integrated help -- from tutorials that guide you through the testing process to tooltips on every single part of the user interface. The Web Performance Suite™ is able to run either standalone or as an Eclipse plugin.

Start with the Free Edition

The Web Performance Suite™'s free Analyzer module is able to not only measure web page load times, but track that performance over time, which is useful in a variety of situations. For example, a custom web development company that receives complaints about poor performance can now direct clients to download this software and have an accurate record of not only the performance the client experienced, but also see exactly what the client saw. Web development managers can use this to track the performance of a web-based application during the development process and then estimate both the performance of the site under load as well as the bandwidth requirements for hosting the site with varying numbers of customers. Once test cases have been developed in the free edition, there is then the option of adding one or more modules to accomplish your particular web testing goal:

Load Testing

The Load Testing module simulates up to an unlimited number of simultaneous users and then measures how many users your website can handle while maintaining acceptable performance. Along with the new user interface, the load testing functionality has also been greatly improved. For starters, the advanced performance analysis is now available in report form and available to share via the web or modify in your favorite editor. Now it's easy to create a formal report of your performance testing efforts. Other features include support for monitoring of multiple web servers, enhanced performance test descriptions, and dozens more productivity enhancing features.


The Monitor module replays test cases periodically and notifies you went the performance goes out of specification.

Functional Testing

The Functional Testing module exaustively tests each page for correct functionality.

About Web Performance

Web Performance, Inc. is the creator of industry-leading Web Performance web load and stress testing software. Clients include: Airbus, BlueCross BlueShield, Deutche Bank, eBay, France Telecom, Goodwill Industries, General Dynamics, Lufthansa, Motorola, Paypal, Polaroid, Toyota, Wells Fargo and Xerox, along with U.S., France, and Canadian governments, state and local governments and numerous universities. For more information visit www.webperformance.com"

Link: webperformanceinc.com

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