December 29, 2005

New email server from Merak now available in Linux

Peter Brown writes "High Performance Merak E-mail Server Suite Now Available for Linux-based Networks.

As Linux usage continues to climb in business network environments, IceWarp delivers the industry’s most powerful, scalable e-mail suite on the market

SANTA CLARA, CALIF-- IceWarp Software Ltd., makers of the popular and globally deployed Merak E-mail Server Suite for Windows®, today announced the availability of its award-winning e-mail server for Linux-based networks in SMB, enterprise and ISP environments. Tuned for power and reliability, Merak offers support for an industry-leading 100,000 accounts per server at up to 20,000 messages per minute and even higher when configured for a load balanced operation. Merak for Linux is available in the U.S. at or via for customers located outside North America.

The new Linux Merak E-mail Server Suite was created specifically for the Linux platform. Merak has already been certified for use with Redhat Enterprise Linux, and tested on Redhat Fedora Core and Gentoo. There are also numerous installations on Suse, Mandrake, Ubuntu and Debian.

Merak is the first email server for Linux that combines stability, performance, scalability, and value. Packaged as an all-in-one, out-of-the-box e-mail suite, Merak features everything a business or ISP needs including anti-virus, anti-spam, groupware, and instant messaging. It provides desktop, Web mail, and remote access for almost every onsite, subscriber, and telecommuting application. All protocols in Merak can run in secured mode, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is a critical feature for protecting intellectual assets and user data.

“Merak for Linux has been in development for the last year based on the feedback from Linux enthusiasts, and through an initial wave of BETA testing, Merak has already proved to be the highest performing and most comprehensive e-mail solution for Linux users on the market today,” said Ladislav Goc, CEO of IceWarp Ltd. “Linux is gradually evolving into a legitimate backbone for enterprise and ISP networks. Similar to the Windows market, Linux users have been demanding a powerful, scalable, and reliable email alternative. Merak outperforms everything currently available and also expands the potential for email applications, secures corporate communications, increases productivity, scales with the business, all the while simplifying the overall IT management and administration process.”

Merak creates backups of all communication, including IM, allowing companies keep moving at today’s e-business pace. Merak also offers administration wizards, monitoring and statistics, enhanced folder management, and toolbar customization for instruction-free communications management.

Merak is incredibly quick and easy to install and offers integrated migration tools to help experienced and novice Linux administrators simplify the process. Merak also offers a unique, flexible and affordable licensing system that can be customized to include only the components required by customers. Licenses can be used on the Linux or Windows operating system, enabling seamless switching between each OS.

Merak is packaged in three specialized configurations for small businesses, medium to large enterprises, and ISPs looking to provide email solutions to employees and customers.

Merak Professional supports an unlimited number of domains and users, ranging from $860 for the stand-alone server and $5,700 for a complete package which includes e-mail, IM, antivirus, antispam, FTP, web server, 500 user GroupWare, and Migration Tool. Professional is tailored to corporations with multiple locations, enterprise business, software and application developers, financial institutions, local and federal governments, military, and other high volume installations. Merak Professional is also the ideal solution for ISP deployment. Merak is fully customizable and open to administrative and third part development for branded and industry-specific deployment. One of Merak’s greatest advantages is its ability to be deployed in load balanced installations consisting of multiple servers.

Merak Standard supports multiple domains up to 3,000 users and ranges from $380 to $4,250. Standard is ideal for medium sized businesses, K12 & Higher education schools, non-profit organizations, and boutique ISPs.

Merak Lite supports up to 50 users and ranges from $210 to $975. Lite is a single domain system and is designed for small office/home office and small business environments.

Availability and Support
Merak sales and support partners are located in more than 20 countries. For more information or to find a local dealer, please visit Download unrestricted trial version at

Customers in North America can purchase Merak via IceWarp’s exclusive distributor in the U.S., Merak Mail Server, Inc. Sales and technical support can be contacted at 703-971-9400 or via the Web at

About IceWarp
IceWarp, Ltd. was started in 1999 with the development of Merak version 1. Merak’s exceptional product stability, performance and reliability quickly escalated its global adoption rate with ISPs and businesses. Over the years, IceWarp has maintained a technology leadership position by continuing to advance Merak through many industry-firsts, including:
• First mail server supporting SSL
• First mail server with Web mail
• First integrated multi-threaded antivirus
• First integrated anti-spam
• First GroupWare with API (ODBC based)
• And now, the first server with integrated FTP and Web server capabilities.

IceWarp Ltd. is located at City House, 6 Karaiskakis street, CY-3040 Limassol, Cyprus"

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