January 27, 2004

New embedded HTTP server: Mbedthis AppWeb

Michael O'Brien writes "New embedded HTTP server, Mbedthis AppWeb.

Mbedthis Software, a leader in developing embedded web server technologies, today announced the release of a new highly secure HTTP web server designed specifically for embedding in applications and devices.

Existing enterprise HTTP servers are poorly suited for embedding, and current embedded web servers have made compromises on security and functionality to meet memory footprint requirements. What has been needed is a highly secure embedded web server that does not compromise on performance, functionality or standards.

Mbedthis AppWeb is such a server. By using a modular multi-threaded core it is able to deliver a highly secure HTTP server that also excels in terms of performance, functionality and memory footprint. Required features can be selected at runtime for a memory footprint as low as 110K RAM. It is ideal for implementing web services, offline applications and embedded device management.

Mbedthis AppWeb has been designed to make it easy to migrate existing web applications and pages to use an embedded web server. AppWeb uses an Apache-style configuration schema and supports prevailing page creation environments such as PHP, Perl and Python as well as service side JavaScript and Embedded Server Pages. You can think of AppWeb as an embeddable, fast mini-Apache. It supports standards such as SSL, digest authentication, HTTP/1.1, and CGI.

AppWeb is licensed under both an open source GNU license and commercial licenses are available. Support and a security enhancement service are also available.

Download at http://www.mbedthis.com"

Link: Mbedthis.com

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