March 19, 2004

A new Era for The Linux Show

Jeff Gerhardt writes "A New Era for The Linux Show! Chicago IL, March 19th 2004.
Today, GeekCast Networks, the management behind the well known webcast The Linux Show!! ( announced the beginning of a NEW era in the history of The Linux Show. Starting on the 24th of March, The Linux Show will transform from a weekly webcast to a daily show.

Jeff Gerhardt, CEO of GeekCast stated, "the new show will be titled
The Linux Daily and will be broadcast initially on Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The show will not affect the
original Tuesday Night The Linux Show!! much at all. TLS
has always focused on important events and news stories of the
past week and in-depth interviews of guests. The Tuesday show will
expand to include listener call in as soon as we have our new
PBX in place, plus we have an extremely active IRC community that
has built up around the show."

The first show will be on Monday the 29th after next Tuesdays
TLS. The Daily Show will be short in comparison to the Tuesday TLS,
in that it will have only two 15 minute long sections and may be
either pre-recorded or live. More often than not, the show will be
pre-recorded. The content focus will be a review of the top stories of the
day and an editorial. The audience participation, rather than being
IRC based will be steered toward posting their opinions on a forum.

What will be unique with the Daily is that GeekCast will be
opening up the show to people in the community.
Initially this will be offered to community leaders and those who
you might identify with Linux Media.

GeekCast VP Kevin Hill continued, "We are doing this because of
a fortuitous event. We gave Eric Raymond the secret studio phone
number we use for the Tuesday night show, and he now calls all the
time. This has enriched TLS and we hope the same will happen with
the daily show. Our goal is to have a list of Linux leaders and
Linux pundits rotating in and out on these daily shows. Already
committed to the process is Brian Proffitt of
Linux Today. Anyone who wishes to participate in the new daily show can contact us via email

"What is exciting to our entire group here at GeekCast," continued
Gerhardt, "is that this is the next step in the evolution of what
we have been working on here for years. Finally, we are starting
down the road to building a network. The Linux Daily is just
the start, we have several more shows in development. All we lack
at the moment is the sponsors to fund those shows and we can
launch them. One of the first coming down the pipe will be a
show focused on Linux users and in particular the newbie Linux
user. This will be a call in, question/answer type of show. "

GeekCast will be shutting down network operations for one week to
retool the NOC to accommodate the new show. The new show
The Linux Daily will begin March 29th and TLS will return
March 30th.

For advertising information for either The Linux Daily or
The Linux Show!! email Julie Thornton at

The Linux Show!!
The Linux Show, or as it is now known by it listening audience
as TLS, can be found at the URL
TLS boasts a history of webcasting for over 6 years. Listened to
by people from every state and most of the countries on the planet,
TLS has enjoyed a solid following that is comprised primarily of
those people either in the Open Source development community,
people who work for the vendors in that community, or the competitors
of Open Source."


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