New error correcting technology helps Linux users


Author: Rateless Research

Petar Maymounkov writes “Rateless Research, provider of ground-breaking error correcting codes technology, released the first two of a collection of free Linux utilities. Rateless’s utilities enable system administrators
and end-users to tunnel legacy programs (like ssh, scp, ftp, telnet, smpt and others) through high-speed, reliable UDP-based transports. Using Rateless’s UDP-based transport protocols not only ensures higher transmission speeds than
TCP, but also allows for seamless duplex firewall transparency, which is becoming a predominant concern with the introduction of Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2.

As a culmination to its line of UDP-based transport utilities, Rateless is planing to release a unique new tool: Rateless Live. Rateless Live will enable end-users to easily compose complex networks of real-time streaming media.

Rateless Research was founded in 2002. It has now grown to a team of three scientists, who maintain, support and extend its unique collection of communication software.