June 30, 2004

New Evans Data Survey

Other findings from the June 2004 survey of more than 400 development or IT managers in companies with more than 1000 employees:

-- Six out of ten enterprise companies outsource at least some of their application development to an outside party, 27% of companies have increased their outsourcing while 8% have reduced it. With 30% of all outsourced projects going to India, it is the most popular destination for offshore development. (http://www.evansdata.com/cgi/relocate.php?key=ent2004_1_2)

-- Three out of four enterprises expect to be running Linux in some capacity by next year and 36% say they either "absolutely" or "probably" plan to deploy Linux on workstations, a 52% increase from last year. (http://www.evansdata.com/cgi/relocate.php?key=ent2004_1_3)

Link: Business Wire


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